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Understanding PRP Therapy

The human body is designed to be self-sufficient and has an amazing ability to heal itself — at its own pace. Through PRP therapy, we harness these regenerative capabilities and redirect them for quicker and more sustainable healing.

Aug 1st, 2020
Conditions that Benefit from Myofascial Release

While a great massage can do wonders for muscle soreness, myofascial release takes it to the next level, releasing tension in your tissues to promote pain-free movement. Here’s a look at a few of the many conditions that myofascial release can treat.

Jul 1st, 2020
What Are Trigger Points?

The musculoskeletal system of the human body is an incredibly complex structure, which means a problem in one small area can have a surprisingly widespread impact. Such is often the case when you develop trigger points.

Jun 9th, 2020
5 Ways Chiropractic Care Can Improve Your Overall Health

Your ability to move freely in the world without pain is often a tough goal to accomplish as wear and tear and injuries continually cause problems. Explore how chiropractic care can help you greet each day in the pink of health.

Feb 1st, 2020