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Chiropractic Care for Your Chronic Headaches

Nearly everyone gets a headache at some point in their lives, but ongoing problems with head pain is another matter altogether. And chronic headaches are not uncommon. One in four households has someone who suffers from migraines, for example.

At Valiant Life Medical, Dr. James Jernigan and our team of integrative medicine specialists have been successfully treating head pain in our patients for more than three-and-a half decades. Relying on chiropractic care, we’re able to reduce the impact that headaches can have on your life by preventing them in the first place.

If you’re suffering from chronic headaches, let’s explore how chiropractic care can help.

Defining headaches

As we mentioned, nearly everyone experiences a headache at one time or another, and these headaches can be either primary or secondary.

Secondary headaches are those that accompany another issue, such as having head pain due to congested sinuses or a late night out on the town. To treat these problems, we go to the underlying source, which should clear up your headache in short order.

Primary headaches, on the other hand, are standalone conditions that aren’t tied to another problem. 

The most common types of primary headaches include:

Treating these types of headaches is often done through on-the-spot medications, which may offer temporary relief, but do little to prevent another headache from recurring.

Chiropractic care and head pain

At the core of chiropractic care is your spine, which plays no small role in your overall health. Your spine not only provides the foundational support for your entire musculoskeletal system, it’s also the major conduit for your nervous system.

If your spine has misalignments, valuable resources are unable to flow freely, and your musculoskeletal system is thrown off balance. For example, a misalignment or subluxation along your spine can lead to problems in your hips and knees. By the same token, tension or misalignments in your spine can also travel upward and create head, neck, and shoulder pain.

Through chiropractic care, we adjust your spine so that your body can do what it does best — heal itself. Through spinal adjustments, we release muscle tension and activate resources that inhibit pain.

While our spinal adjustments are at the heart of our chiropractic care and do a great deal to relieve tension headaches and migraines, we also approach these types of chronic headaches from other angles, including:

Our goal is to approach your head pain from angles that encourage your body’s innate healing power for sustainable results.

If you’d like to gain the upper hand on your chronic headaches through chiropractic care, contact our office in Fort Worth, Texas, to set up an appointment.

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