Have You Tried Joint Injections to Help With Your Chronic Pain?

Have You Tried Joint Injections to Help With Your Chronic Pain?

Few things can place limitations on your world like joint pain, making moving freely an unpleasant, if not, impossible, endeavor. This type of chronic pain is frustrating, and you want solutions that don’t entail invasive surgeries or risky medications, which is where the right combination of joint injections can be life-changing.

At Valiant Life Medical, our team of musculoskeletal health experts believes that remedying chronic joint pain doesn’t have to be invasive or risky. With an eye toward long-term results, we offer two types of joint injections that each play an invaluable role in helping you to regain pain-free movement.

The short-term solution

One of the biggest frustrations when it comes to chronic joint pain is that one of the best solutions, especially when it comes to degenerative conditions like osteoarthritis, is movement. Your joints are designed to move, and physical activity can reduce inflammation and help build up the supporting tissues surrounding your painful joint.

Unfortunately, what lies between you and moving is the same painful joint. To help reestablish your ability to move the joint, we offer anti-inflammatory joint injections that contain both an anesthetic and a corticosteroid, which address the pain and the inflammation.

These injections provide you with a reprieve from the discomfort, often long enough to take the necessary steps to promote longer, more meaningful results through physical therapy and regenerative medicine.

Rebuilding for the future

Once we reduce the pain and inflammation in your joint, we want to take longer-term steps so you can maintain your ability to move without discomfort. With conditions like osteoarthritis, the problem is degenerative, as the affected cartilage doesn’t enjoy regenerative resources thanks to a lack of blood supply.

To provide this tissue with the tools it needs to rebuild and repair itself, we offer regenerative injections, such as platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. We harvest the platelets from your own blood and redirect them into your damaged tissues, where they release growth factors that help rebuild your joint.

This approach to chronic joint pain is one that requires a bit of patience on your part as the connective tissues rebuild themselves, but the results are well worth the wait.

The perfect combination

We’ve found that combining our two injection therapies offers superior short- and long-term results. By relieving your pain and inflammation with anti-inflammatory injections that are fast-acting, we can restore your quality of life and provide you with a little breathing room to let our regenerative therapies go to work.

If you’re tired of your life being overshadowed by chronic joint pain, contact our office in Fort Worth, Texas, to find out which combination of joint injections is best for you.

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