Six Common Conditions Chiropractors Treat

Six Common Conditions Chiropractors Treat

You’re in pain, but you’re hesitant about seeking an invasive or pharmaceutical solution given their potential risks. The good news is that there is another way to relieve your discomfort through chiropractic care.

At Valiant Life Medical, Dr. James Matthew Jernigan and our team have extensive experience helping our patients find much-needed relief through chiropractic care. To give you an idea of the many applications of this form of medicine, we’re going to review six conditions that we routinely treat here.

1. Back pain

The main tenet of chiropractic care is that many musculoskeletal conditions are caused or exacerbated by misalignments along your spine. Since your back is the primary area surrounding your spine, it makes sense that we see many patients who are experiencing back pain.

Through manual adjustments and therapeutic exercises, we can correct the subluxations (or blockages) along your spine that may be preventing healing resources from flowing freely. Not to mention, by ensuring your spine is properly aligned, we take the pressure off of the supporting soft tissues, which can help relieve back pain related to strains, muscle spasms, and ruptured discs. 

2. Neck pain

At the top of your spine are the seven small vertebrae that make up your neck. Using similar types of manual adjustments that we described above for your back, we can correct misalignments in your cervical spine to relieve neck pain.

3. Radiculopathy

While back and neck pain are common complaints, certain problems in these areas can also lead to radiculopathy, which includes symptoms that radiate out into your arms or legs, depending upon the location of the underlying problem. An excellent example of this is sciatica, which is a pinched nerve in your lower back that causes pain, numbness, and tingling down one of your legs.

Through chiropractic care, we can relieve these symptoms by taking the pressure off of the nerve(s) along your spinal column.

4. Arthritis

If you’re one of the millions of Americans who struggles with arthritis, chiropractic care can play a valuable role. Through manual adjustments, we can realign your joints to reduce the pain and inflammation and improve function.

5. Carpal tunnel syndrome

Your carpal tunnel is a tiny passageway in your wrist that accommodates flexor tendons and your median nerve. When there’s inflammation in this small space, it can press up against your median nerve, causing pain, tingling, and numbness in your wrist and hand (carpal tunnel syndrome).

To reduce the inflammation and pain, we can better align the vertebrae in your neck, ensure your wrist is aligned, and provide you with exercises that will help keep carpal tunnel syndrome at bay.

6. Chronic pain

The prevalence of chronic pain in the United States — more than 20% of the population — is nothing short of staggering. Many of the conditions we list above are behind these numbers, but we wanted to highlight chronic pain separately since it has a way of becoming a condition in and of itself.

With comprehensive chiropractic care, we improve the connection between your nervous and musculoskeletal systems for better harmony, which can reduce the pain signaling.

If you’re struggling with any of the conditions we describe above, or something else, contact our office in Fort Worth, Texas, to learn how chiropractic care can help.

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