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Wound Care

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Skin is the largest organ of the body, and it makes up 15% body weight.  The primary functions of the skin include protection, sensation, metabolism, thermoregulation, and communication.  There are three layers of skin, the epidermis, which is the tough, leathery outer surface of the skin. Directly below the epidermis is the dermis and beneath the dermis is a layer of subcutaneous tissue containing fat.  A wound is defined as an injury to the skin or underlying tissue causing disruption in the integrity or the function of the skin.  Wounds can occur through any of these layers.


Wound care includes assessing the tissue damage, preparing the wound to heal which includes identifying/treating the cause of the wound and whether the wound has the potential to heal, and wound hygiene which incorporates a 4-step approach to prepare the wound for healing especially those wounds that have been determined to be hard-to-heal.

Complex and chronic wounds often required complex and advanced management to heal.  At Valiant Life Medical, we incorporate advanced therapies such as tissue equivalents, placental-based grafts, bioengineered technologies, extracellular matrix-based technologies, cell-based grafts, and negative pressure wound therapy.  Our providers are Certified Wound Care Providers and Excisional Debridement Specialists.


At Valiant Life Medical we are bringing to the forefront new innovative technologies to provide solutions to the wound care medical arena.  We provide convenient weekly appointments and are able to utilize home health care if necessary. Call and schedule your free consultation and get started today!