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MLS Laser Therapy

Valiant Life Medical -  - Alternative Medicine

Valiant Life Medical

Alternative Medicine & Integrative Health Care located in Fort Worth, TX


At Valiant Life Medical we continue to use advanced technologies to treat and manage various medical conditions which have not responded to the traditional medical approach. One of these exciting technologies is advanced MLS Therapy, which is an advanced form of the traditional cold and/or hot laser. MLS Therapy is composed of a 808nm continuous emission laser and a 905nm pulsed emission laser which are synchronized to produce maximum pain relief, to reduce localized tissue inflammation and edema, to stimulate local capillary and lymphatic flow, and to accelerate tissue healing. The MLS synchronization is essential in re-establishing localized cellular biochemical and bioelectrical balance. The MLS system can be used to treat joint pain, neck and / or back pain, and most forms of peripheral neuropathy. Multiple medical studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of this type of laser therapy in producing substantial short- and long-term improvement in these medical conditions.