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Regenerative Medicine and COVID-19: What You Should Know

The world is a far different place than it was just a few months ago. Today, a simple trip to the grocery store is a point of concern. So, we wanted to take this opportunity to let you know that Valiant Life Medical is still open for business, as long as we’re able to document medical necessity.

What this means is that our team is on hand to administer to your care should you need it. We understand that your health issues haven’t taken a timeout during this global pandemic. Whether you require physical therapy for achy joints, or you’ve been injured and would like to speed up your recovery with our regenerative medicine services, we urge you to contact us to determine how we can help.

In the meantime, your wellness remains important to us, and we wanted to leave you with a few tips that will go a long way toward safeguarding your health.

Boost your immunity

If you’ve followed the news, you’ve likely learned that people with compromised immune systems are at great risk when it comes to this coronavirus (and any other virus, for that matter).

While you’re sheltering at home, why not take this opportunity to boost your immune system, which will serve you well once you’re able to get back out into the world again.

Some keys ways to strengthen your immune system include:

As well, once Texas begins to open up, we urge you to come in for some IV therapy, namely a Meyers drip, which works to boost your immune system and fight dehydration.

Stay active

One of the best things you can do for your immune system and your overall health is to remain as active as possible. We know it’s tough trying to stay fit while sheltering at home, but there are plenty of online classes being offered by gyms, yoga studios, and personal trainers.

By devoting a few hours a week to your fitness, you boost every area of your health, ensuring that you’re fighting fit when we emerge again from isolation.

Reduce stress

This last point is a key one — stress can have a widespread impact on your health (especially your immune system). We know these times are uncertain and filled with anxiety, but try to keep stress levels to a minimum. The above tip on exercise is a great way to reduce stress, and you might enjoy some deep breathing exercises or meditation practices, which are easily found online or in your app store.

If you have any questions about staying healthy during this crisis, please don’t hesitate to contact our office in Fort Worth by calling us or booking online.

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